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Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

Tel: (914) 645-9098


Embedded Design Engineer

Embedded Linux, x86, ARM and digital imaging expertise, with strong technical writing skills.

I have considerable real-industry experience in embedded (8-bit and 16/32-bit) hardware and firmware design, implementation and debugging, and proven communications and project management skills. I have written various technical magazine articles, three successful embedded engineering books and a fourth book is in progress. My recent experience is focused on short-range radio and wireline serial communications in the security and fire safety industry; my previous five years of experience were in embedded Linux on x86, PPC and ARM platforms, and TCP/IP connected multimedia applications.


Professional Experience

Undisclosed Fortune 100 corporation – Melville, NY June 2004 – Present

Design Engineer – Communications Engineering Group

In this position, I work with both domestic and Far East teams on RF receiver, transmitter and transceiver products for the security and fire safety markets intended for domestic and European markets. The majority of these products are built in Mexico.

My responsibilities at this employer include software design and implementation, a small amount of hardware engineering, maintaining ISO audit documents for ongoing projects, managing resources and schedules for these projects, and conducting hardware and software design reviews. Specific tasks include:

Digi-Frame, Inc – Port Chester, NY – May 1999 – May 2004

Manager, Software Design

Recruited from Australia, initially to increase company's software development capability for enhanced R&D efforts in the toy industry. Prior to my arrival, the company had only 4-bit and 8-bit assembly-language development staff. In 2000, the company shifted focus to consumer digital imaging appliances. I was placed in charge of designing and implementing the hardware and firmware for these products. My official job title was a catch-all covering the entire development process, from building custom Linux distributions to designing and hand-prototyping boards.

Selected Achievements:

Butterworth-Heinemann (Intermittent contract work) 2002 - Present

I am periodically employed by my publisher, Butterworth-Heinemann (a division of Elsevier), proofreading and providing technical review on complete manuscripts. I also occasionally provide evaluation of author-suggested book outlines.

PC-Plus Systems – Melbourne, Australia August 1994 – April 1999

Senior Programmer

Worked on a range of desktop security products for MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98 and later Windows NT. One of these (pcLockout 6.04C) is an Australian Department of Defence DSD (Defence Signals Directorate) approved-list product featuring DES encryption.

Selected Achievements:

Miscellaneous Small Projects

Tertiary and Industry Education

Professional References

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